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The 9th Annual Memphis Brewfest

An International Beer Festival

Saturday, April 14, 2018 • 4:00-7:45 P.M.

"What two ideas are more inseparable than Beer and Britannia? What event more awfully important to an English colony than the erection of its first brewhouse?" –Reverend Sydney Smith

"Beer drinking doesn't do half the harm of lovemaking." –Eden Philpotts

“I do not remember the poor creature, small beer." –William Shakespeare

"You can never buy beer. You just rent it. –Archie Bunker

"Pretty women make us BUY beer. Ugly women make us DRINK beer." –Al Bundy

"Beauty lies in the hands of the beerholder." –Anonymous

"Life's too short to drink cheap beer." –Anonymous

"There can't be good living where there is not good drinking." –Ben Franklin

"America is a country of beer, not wine, drinkers." –Tom Dalldorf

"Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health." –Thomas Jefferson

“I recommend..bread, meat, vegetables, and beer." –Sophocles

"I work until beer o'clock." –Stephen King